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Soundscape for installation on loop
"State of Origin" at Unit24 Gallery in London

The idea of the exhibition was to represent how the local environment can affect the artistic process. composers had to record sounds of their own surroundings and develop an original piece.

When I moved back home, I would either be awakened or work to the sound of chainsaws and lawn mowers. The gardeners contracted by the housing association worked in the early mornings. The piece was intended to become progressively, yet subtly, more annoying. A wave of emotional response reflexive of the work itself. Something that could also be filtered out by the ambience and repetition.

Sounds from the field.
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2020 - Under the Boardwalk, Coney Island
2020 - Broken Buzzer, Brooklyn
2019 - Jaume Plensa and Me, Barcelona
#gongs #installation #metal #indoor
2019 - Walking to Union Square, NYC
2019 - Summer Rain from the Studio Window, Brooklyn
2019 - Bushwick in August (eve), Brooklyn
2018 - Postcard Wheel, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2018 - Tram, Amsterdam
2018 - Laekur Hostel at 4a, Reykjavík
2017 - Brooklyn Museum Fountain, Brooklyn
2017 - 12p Church Bells, Brooklyn
2017 - Washer, San Mateo
2017 - 2017 - On MUNI, San Francisco
2017 - Fridge Hum, San Francisco
#industrial #electrical
2015 - BART, San Francisco
2015 - November 5th, San Francisco
2015 - Banging on metal, San Mateo
2015 - Deburring, San Mateo
2014 - Bus Terminal, Lima
2014 - Downtown, Lima